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 That Forgotten Day-Vampire/Teen

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PostSubject: That Forgotten Day-Vampire/Teen   That Forgotten Day-Vampire/Teen Icon_minitimeSun 03 Jan 2010, 21:31

About a week ago, was the Day Trey lost his life. Death isn't something you can get over in a day or two. No, death is something that would haunt you forever. If I were to have never got involvedd with those men(Illegal Kill Clan) maybe my boyfriend, Trey would be here. Maybe he would be here to fight them off when I needed it most. Maybe he would be here to say baby its alright. Now he was gone. That would never happen. Those men would never leave me alone now. I was mortal, they were hungry and they don't stop till they get what they want. I now have moved to Arizona were I can talk to Trey's clan(Erregist Clan) and find some type of help some way to help defeat the Illegal Kill Clan. Will anyone be there to help and make mme feel like the way I did with Trey or am I about to fall and changed immortal by the Illegal Kill Clan?


Known As:
If not which Clan?:
If so grade?:


relationship status:

Name: Stephanie Sonia Dittrich
Known As: Step, Annie, Sunny
If not which Clan?: N/A
School?:yes, attends AU
If so grade?: freshmen in College
Her body is built nice and fit, slim. She has reddish-brown hair with black and carmel streaks that falls just below her shoulder blades. Her face is framed by side bangs which brush over her gorgeous smoky blue eyes. Her skin is slightly tan. She has a straight, bright white smile. She is tall at 5'9'' and weighs about 120 pounds.

She is a sweet girl and always put others first before her. She doesn't like to spend her money like other girls and she doesn't like it when other people spend their money on her. She is happy with anything people offer her and doesn't demand things. She is pretty straight forward. She can be stubborn if you mess withher on the worst days.

car: white '09 Porche with tan interior
crush:none yet
relationship status:single
other:boyfriend died trying to defend her
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That Forgotten Day-Vampire/Teen
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