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 ~:~ Living Dead ~:~

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PostSubject: ~:~ Living Dead ~:~   ~:~ Living Dead ~:~ Icon_minitimeTue 19 Jan 2010, 17:15

Living Nightmare

A living nightmare to me is maybe someone stocking you, or maybe someone taking pictures of you and putting them on the internet or something non important like that. But not this time. I am living a nightmare. My best friend Amy and my boyfriend Tom was driving home from a party. Me i was already home, becuase i threw the party. I didnt really know the party went wrong until the next morning. I walked downstairs and my couch's was tore up, and everything was ruined. Then the bad stuff happened. I got a knock on my door saying that my friend Amy and my boyfriend Tom had got in a car accident and didnt survive. Imagine that. Now im alone, well i have my parents which is already mad at me for the party so they kinda dont talk to me and people at my school are blamming me for the accident. Now i believe that im being haunted. Everything is weird now and i feel someone near me, but there not. I think its a ghost or something. I dont know what to do really, about that becuase no one really believes me. Who is it thats with me right now in my room, i see no one.

{Okay, if you dont get the plot kinda, its my character is being haunted by someone she doesnt really know, and there trying to tell her something.}

Characters Needed:

•Tom {Ghost}
•Amy {Ghost}
•Other friends {Girl or guy}

~:~ Me ~:~

Ashley Tompson
Ashley has shoulder lengh brown hair with black highlights. She has blue eyes that sometimes they look grey. She has smooth tanned skin, that pop out her eyes. She looks athletic but she doesnt play any type of sports.

As we go you will learn more about her. Very Happy
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~:~ Living Dead ~:~
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