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 Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join!

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Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join! Empty
PostSubject: Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join!   Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join! Icon_minitimeMon 25 Jan 2010, 00:33

What a shame we all became such fragile broken things,
but a memory remains, just a tiny spark.
I give it all my oxygen, so let the flames begin.

Somewhere weakness is our strength,
and i'll die searching for it.
I can't let myself regret such selfishness,
my pain, and all the trouble caused. No matter how long,
I believe that there's hope
buried beneath it all and,
hiding beneath it all and,
growing beneath it all and...

This is, how we'll dance when,
when they try to take us down,
This is how we'll sing out...
This is, how we'll stand when,
when they burn our houses down,
This is what we'll be Oh Glory!

Reaching as I sink down into life.

This is what we'll be, Oh Glory!

Well the title pretty much explains it, but just for you, I will explain it too. Yep, just for you. It's generally about supernatural teens and vampires living undercover until the humans uncover some odd activity. You can be Teen, Adult, or Child, you may be human, vampire, or supernatural teen. Told you the tite explained it.

There arent many, but you know I have to have a few. Just for yoU!
1. No power playing or god modeling, ok?! I'm seriously tired of the whole my power is unique and you don't know how it works so I'm unbeatable stuff. Just don't because I don't care how great of an RPGer you are,
2. If you are going to play, you can't say "Hey, I'm getting off so wait for me!" We will not stop, ok? This is a game so you can just read what we said and catch up.
3. NO, and I mean absolutely NO Twilight carries, twists, or story lines!!!
4. If I ask you to leave, or I say that I'm going to repost it with only a few people I picked, don't complain. Leave quickly and quietly or you will be reported.
5. Put the word *orchid at the top of your post or I won't let you join.
6. Everyone has the same powers but if you want ONE unique one, message me.
-Not everyone hunts vampires. Some of them are actually friends!
7. Genders and Races fairly even.

Supernatural Powers:
-Enhanced senses
-Elemental Control (Fire, Water, Air, Earth. If you don't understand, message for me. This is used strictly for fighting!!)
-Super Speed and Strength
-Quick Healing, Immortal Immune System (means you never get sick, you can die though.)
-May change facial appearance at will. (Used only in emergencies, seriously. It gets irritating when people post things like..."I changed the color of my eyes to green out of boredom."
-Can make people feel pain, or numbness, or fear, or any other emotion
-All are trained in combat techniques

About Vampires:
Unlike TWILIGHT, all vampires have no special power they bring from the dead. They are stronger than humans or supernaturals, but that doesn't make they're better fighters. They are faster than all. They do live forever, but they can die. They aren't sparkley when the sun comes out either. It just dims their powers slightly. They're weaker.

Form: (You can use your own, but I prefer if you use this one.)

My Charrie:
Name: Alison
Nickname/Called: Alice, Alison (Not from twilight, it's just a name I used for this RPG when I made it. lol)
Age: 19
Race: Supernatural
Looks: She stands at a willowy built 5'9'' and has jet black hair. It's cropped short and her bangs fall over the right side of her face when you're looking at her. She has a small tattoo on her lower back that no one ever sees. It's of a black snake winding around the words "Morte di Vampyr". She has eyes that no human nor vampire have ever seen before. A crystal light purple, almost lilac color, with black rings around the irises.
Personality:Fiery tempered, does not give a care about rules, but cares deeply for the people around her. She gives a tomboyish feeling sometimes but she has the charisma of a leader. Very strong-headed and unwilling to lose. She's quiet and observant and very smart as well. She's an intellectual and articulate girl.
History/Background:Alison was orphaned at a very young age when her father and mother were hunted down by vampires when they were found out as Supernaturals. (That doesn't mean supernaturals and vampires hate each other!!) She grew up in one place, but when she realized she was in love with one of the boys next door, she moved away never to be seen by the family again. She spends her time hunting leeches like the ones who killed her parents and taking college courses at C.O.S. (College of Supernaturals. There's a C.O.V. too, they are obviously secret.)
Other: She drives a Chevy Cobalt when she's off duty as a hunter. When she's in the mode though, she drives a black Lamborhini Revention with heavily tinted windows.
Special Power: She controls another element, spirit. It gives her the power to heal others, even ressurect them, but never herself, she can't ever heal herself. She can slip into other people's dreams to contact them. She can even mind speak. (Talk to others through her thoughts.) She can bring plants back to life and she can make people believe they are living their worst nightmares. Seeing what she wants them to see.
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PostSubject: re   Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join! Icon_minitimeMon 22 Feb 2010, 22:50

Name:Nana Matsuda
Nickname/Called:Nana-chan; Nana-san by those who dont know her very well
Looks:I have an A-line cut, parted in the middle. The back is shorter than either of front sides and often spiked. I often cosplay, but wear Jrock
band T-shirts whenI am not. When not cosplaying, I am very punky and love playing punk music.
Personality:I am usually spunky and chipper, but you wouldn't want to mess with when I am in a bad mood
History/Background:Unknown. I had amnesia two years ago...When I woke up all I remembered was my name, and the English and Japanese languages.
Other:Is half Japanese
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Let The Flames Begin::Supernatural Teen::Join!
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