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 New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join)

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PostSubject: New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join)   New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join) Icon_minitimeSun 14 Mar 2010, 20:35

Plot: A light wind blew through the forest as a pack of wolves ran down a forest trail. This was the trail of the hunters of the pack of Amorite. As they ran a small wolf at the end paused, mid-stride, and sniffed the air. A moose was downwind of the pack. This was my first hunt, my name was Torreon. I was the first pup of the leader, Amorite, first litter. Amorite had only been in power for a couple of months, but the pack had thrived under his leadership. Torreon let out a short howl as the remaining wolves started to scent the moose.
I was different from most wolves, instead of being silver, black, brown, or even white I was a beautiful golden coat with bright purple eyes. Usually my eyes were purple, but they changed with my mood. For example, if I was angry they would turn red, and you could see a fire raging on the middle of my eyes. If I was tired, they would turn a light blue.
Amorite turned his head toward me, “What do you scent my young pup?” He asked.
“Moose, injured. Abandoned calf.” I replied, trying to tell exactly what my nose told me.
Amorite turned the pack around, I was at the front this time, with him. I could see pride gleaming in my father’s eyes; I knew he was happy that I had scented my first prey. My father saw the abandoned calf and flicked hi tail for the wolves to circle around. I again stood by my father. He looked at me and said softly, “Do you want the neck?”
I didn’t answer quickly because getting the neck, meant you took the life of the prey. Getting the neck was a great honor, usually only old experienced wolves or the leaders got the neck. But now I, on my first hunt was being presented with the chance to kill this prey for the pack. I nodded slowly as my father let out a howl saying, “Torreon gets the neck! Make this easy! He’s not experienced!”
The pack circled around the calf; Amorite jumped on the calf’s shoulder and let out a low growl. This was my call; it was my turn to prove I was more than a beautiful pup. I leaped up and felt my teeth connect with the calf’s neck. Blood seeped into my mouth as the calf slowly bled to death. I backed up as the calf took its last breath.
My father came over to me and licked my ear. “You did well my young pup.”
I wagged my tail as the remaining pack members’ drug the calf’s body back to our camp. I followed behind them, my father beside me.
* * * * *
When we walked into camp, my mother was the first to greet me. She was a beautiful white wolf with black paws. She had vivid green eyes that betrayed her each emotion. “You did well my young pup.” She said softly.
I watched Amorite eat his fill and then let the rest of the wolves eat. I watched them, but wasn’t hungry. I padded through the forest; I was headed down the hunting path. A light wind shook the trees as I walked and blew a ton of new scents toward me. I let out a short yip and picked up a slow trot. I walked into a small clearing, my nose close to the ground. My left paw stepped forward; a sharp pain suddenly hit it as I walked. I looked down at it as I yelped. A sharp metal thing was clamped around my foot. I started biting frantically at the piece of metal as a burst of blood came streaming down my foot and onto the ground, soon, I had a red puddle beneath me.
* * * * * * * * * *
A few days later, I still was trapped; little did I know of the chaos at the camp. My father had sent out three search parties to find me, all had failed. My father was desperate to have his prized son back and my mother, oh my poor mother; she just wanted her little pup back. I let out a short howl, but soon quieted as I heard a creature tromping through the forest. I lay down on the wet ground, my tail tucked underneath my belly. A large human came into the clearing. I could tell this trap didn’t belong to this man, for he had on a dark green suit and he carried no weapon. I let out a little whimper. The human turned toward me and his expression turned horrified. He walked quietly over to me and slowly laid one of his hands over my head. The slowly, he reached down and popped a button on the trap. It sprang open, but I still couldn’t feel my foot. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a small rope. He tied a little contraption onto my muzzle; I couldn’t even open my mouth, and picked me up. He carried me until we came to a large parking lot. He must have been a very prepared dude, because he had a dog crate in the back which he put me into. He closed the door and left me, I heard him get into the thing with me. But then the car started to move, but I was too tired to care. I laid my head down on the plastic bottom and fell into an uneasy sleep, even though my foot was now throbbing. Honestly I liked it better numb.
I woke up when the car lurched to a stop. I looked up and finally figured out who this guy was. He was one of those zoo keepers! The man picked up the crate and walked carefully into the building. Once he was in the building he started shouting. I didn’t understand what he was saying, but I do know a ton of people came running towards us. I whimpered as the crate was set on a large table. A ton of faces peered in, and a few people were scared of me. The guy that rescued me told the people I was nice, and that I was just scarred. One of the people opened my door and pulled me out of the crate. The person was dressed all in white. She strapped on a cloth muzzle and started examining my leg. I yelped and tried to run away from her and back into the person in green. “Hold him there Jim.” The person in white said.
I looked around, there was only my rescuer, who was apparently called Jim, and the person in white. Jim nodded and held my body still. The person in white left and came back within three minutes. The person in white came back carrying a round thing that ended in a point. As she came closer to me, I attempted to get free from Jim. I felt her gloved hand pull up the scruff of my neck and poke me with the sharp point of the stick thing. I yelped and turned to bite the vet but I remembered I had a muzzle on. The vet nodded to Jim and he picked me up. The vet had since taken out the pointy thing, Jim carried me through rows of cages and put me into a small one, and, since I was just a pup, I fit easily inside. I curled up in the corner, my paw throbbing. I slowly started to get tired before I drifted into a deep sleep.
* * * * * * *
When I awoke, there was a small white cloth on my injured paw and my paw throbbed even more. I looked around as the vet came in and stared at me, as if criticizing my very existence. For all I knew, she could be deciding whether or not I lived, little did I know I was going to be in the zoo’s first wolf exhibit. I whimpered as she called to Jim. He came in, a wide smile on his face. I really didn’t understand why these people were so happy. He started patting my head before the vet nodded to him. He picked me up in his arms and took me to a much larger cage. This one had white floors and white walls. There was a small opening in the metal bars where two food dishes sat. A small pillow thing sat under a small shelf, which had stairs that you could climb up to reach the top of the ledge. Jim set me down; I crawled onto the pillow thing and curled up. I liked this bed; it was soft, cushy, and very warm.
I spent a few weeks in this cage, every morning a human came in and tossed me a small chunk of meat. Jim came in every night after work and sat on the floor with me. Today, he kept saying, “Tomorrow. I just can’t believe it opens tomorrow. One acre for just two timber wolves. They even get live prey.”

-You must fill the needed positions First
-Genders even
-Pb rules

Need Positions:
-Zoo keeper
-Female wolf who is Torreon's mate
-Torreon's and females puppies (There are only three)
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PostSubject: Re: New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join)   New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join) Icon_minitimeSun 14 Mar 2010, 20:49

[[Ill be the Female Wolf! Any certain form?]]
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New To The Game (Zoo rpg ~ Please Join)
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