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 Stable roleplayy 8]

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PostSubject: Stable roleplayy 8]   Sun 09 May 2010, 04:53

Setting -- A large, mutidisciplinary facility located in Ocala, Fl. As it is Springtime, the weather is hanging in the 70s and the humidity isn't terrible. Most of the big-time trainers that migrate down for the winter are still in the area or just beginning to pack up and head north.
Barn name; Tba.

My charrie --
name: Halley Whitfield
age: sixteen
gender: female
personality: Generally amiable and easy to get along with, Halley isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She's a devoted animal lover, and a vegetarian to go along with that. She can be a little judgemental when she first meets someone, but in most cases, will later warm up to them. With her friends, she's carefree and silly, but clams up when surrounded by unfamiliar people and is always respectful to adults.
riding experience: did ponies as a child, has since moved up to horses. Not naturally athletic, she works hard at riding. She has a tendency to get a little competitive while showing. Currently competing 3' hunters.
appearance: Halley stands at around 5'7". She's not fat, but would never be considered anywhere near "model thin". She has wavy, medium length brunette hair and bright green eyes. Her clothing at school would be considered borderline preppy, but at the barn it's usually a t-shirt and cute jeans or breeches paired with paddock boots and half chaps. She does her makeup conservatively but nicely.
recent history: just moved to a new barn; has lived in Florida for most of her life.

horse ~
show name: Huntington
barn name: Hunter
breed: Hanoverian
gender: gelding
age: 10
personality: a very serious-natured horse, Hunter hates to make mistakes. He was born and trained at a top level show barn, so Halley is the lowest-levelled and most relaxed rider ever to have him. He loves to perform in the show ring, and his favorite activity is being groomed. Due to his perfectionist temperment, he has a tendency to weave and pace when in his stall, so he spends the day in his paddock and every night in the big field, so he's only in to eat and for shows.
appearance: Hunter is a dark bay with a big white star and four white socks. He is well muscled and athletic. He's 16.1hh: the perfect height for Halley. His head is fairly refined for a warmblood, but he definitely has the big warmblood body. Under saddle, he has a sweeping stride and is very neat with his knees and careful with his hooves over fences.
history: Halley has had him for around a year now, and despite a rough beginning, get along very well now.
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PostSubject: Intro -- Halley and Hunter   Sun 09 May 2010, 05:13

" we are," the girl murmured as she unfastened the trailer. She let the heavy ramp
descend to the ground and undid the butt-bar. The big bay horse within the trailer was trained to exit the trailer by himself, so Halley, the girl, merely had to click to him and he carefully backed himself out. She clipped a black cotton lead to his leather halter -- which sported a brass nameplate with "Huntington" engraved on it -- before he had the opportunity to go anywhere. He breathed in deeply, and, as a show horse, wasn't phased by these new surroundings but decided to let out a long whinny to announce his arrival to whoever may be listening.

Halley, with lead rope in hand, made her way to the driver's side of the pickup that had towed the trailer, and beckoned for the man inside, her father, to come out. The two people and the horse made their way to the office building, whereupon they were greeted by a cheerful woman who both father and daughter had met before. She handed Mr. Whitfield the last bit of paperwork and directed girl and horse to the spacious new stall and gave Halley directions to the pasture.

After the horse was settled in and munching some hay, Halley and her dad headed back to the pickup to collect her trunk and bring her leather goods and accessories to the neatly organized tack room.

"Nice place, this is," Mr. Whitfield said, nodding in approval. Halley agreed; she had been very particular in choosing Hunter's new home. He then headed back in the direction of the truck, and
Halley marched off, eager to explore the facilities and see what new people might be around.
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Stable roleplayy 8]
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